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Service to Business Transition

Al Dai al-Ajal Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA States in one of his sermons:

For Business Rasulallah S.A.W said,

9 Parts are for business, we have been made to do business. To do job under someone is work, but “after all it is service”

Business is “independent”, in that you do not have to work under anyone.

Be Business Minded and do Business.

Al Tijaarat al Raabehah with its endless efforts have designed this course “Service to Business Transition” to motivate mumineen towards business

If you are looking for transition from service to business? Enrol in this course and learn the 5 step process of how to do a transition from service to business and how to remove obstacles in starting up your new business

Also, don’t forget to attempt the quiz and assess yourself after completing the course.

Happy Learning!

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